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Simply safe.

A modern laboratory information and management system (LIMS) efficiently and clearly maps all the processes in a laboratory. A main characteristic of a successful LIMS is therefore the accuracy with which the modules can be adjusted to the daily requirements of the individual labs.

MAQSIMA LAB+ realistically maps the processes in laboratories. The modular structure allows for an accurate adaptation of the scope of services required in the respective laboratories. No more, but not less. The operation of the individual modules is intuitive, the application of many modules is based on familiar Office programs and therefore easy to integrate in daily lab work.


The fully scalable MAQSIMA LAB+ has standardized interfaces to all common ERP systems, and the individual modules meet all regulatory requirements – including the strict GLP/GLM regulations, the FDA or the ISO standards 9001 and 17025.

Combined, usability and security create a new LIMS standard: MAQSIMA LAB+.

Our experts from program development and day-to-day laboratory life continuously work on the further development of the system. This combination of competencies guarantees a powerful LIMS for all laboratory types, also for the future.