Chemicals and Standard Management

LAB+ | Chemical and standards

LAB+ | Chemical and standards

In regulated laboratories, the chemicals used require seamless monitoring according to strict guidelines. This starts with the representation of the deliveries, for which the quantity received, the batch and the shelf-life must be recorded when the goods arrive, and once they are in use, their release and tracking.

The management and monitoring of the chemicals must be efficient. On the side, to ensure a smooth as possible laboratory process, and on the other side, to minimize costs.


  • specific data structure for the chemicals used in the laboratory (items), supply (items including the individual packaging, calculated from the batch), sample of the chemical for use in measurement value recording
  • safe expiry-date monitoring with automated blocking of chemicals
  • use of barcodes or RFID for rational handling and semi-automation of booking processes
  • release workflow
  • storage and relocation depending on use of the chemicals or packagings


Requirement for the LIMS:

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  • Implementation by means of the LAB+ | Chemicals and Standard Management module