Quality Control Chart

LAB+ | QRK (Quality Control Chart)

LAB+ | QRK (Quality Control Chart)

The quality control chart is an established instrument for the statistical evaluation of measurement values and is an established standard method.

With the definition of warning and intervention limits or specific deviation diagrams, an early warning system is set up, which allows the differentiation of inevitable and random measurement deviations
from systematic deviations and errors.


Module: LAB+ I Quality Control Chart - precisely coordinated program functions for the quality control chart:

  • individual selection of reference parameters (test characteristics, products etc.) and additional classification criteria (e.g. customer, batch, supplier or item-specific characteristics)
  • definition of individual warning and intervention limits
  • option of dynamic calculation of warning and intervention limits
  • out-of-control situations and trends defined across a wide range of conditions
  • constant, automated monitoring of the measurement values with reports in case warning limits are exceeded
  • use of different control chart methods, e.g. mean-value charts, moving range charts, differences charts


Requirements for the LIMS:

The hygiene data from production should be systematically checked.

  • Implementation by means of the LAB+ | Quality Control Chart module