Sample Planning

LAB+ | PEP (Sample Planning)

LAB+ | PEP (Sample Planning)

This can involve samples within the process, or cooling and wastewater, or in the context of hygiene monitoring.

The samples must be planned and scheduled in the day-to-day laboratory life. Due to the high number of samples, it is recommended to plan these samples on the software-side and to integrate them into the day-to-day laboratory life. Here, MAQSIMA LAB+ supports the entire sample taking process from the definition of the sampling plan to the automated sample generation.


Module: LAB+ I Sample Planning - precisely coordinated program features:

  • automatically creates samples according to a specified cycle (if required, with different test scopes)
  • allows for working on multiple similar samples
  • applies the results to a large number of samples
  • quick retrieval of individual samples by use of
  • barcodes or RFID
  • creates individual labels for all types of tests,
  • samples and test equipment