Chemicals Management

MAQSIMA LAB+ | The LIMS – precisely coordinated for chemicals management

In regulated laboratories, the chemicals used require seamless monitoring according to strict guidelines. This starts with the representation of the deliveries, for which the quantity received, the batch and the shelf-life must be recorded when the goods arrive, and once they are in use, their release and tracking.

The management and monitoring of the chemicals must be as efficient as possible. On the side, to ensure a smooth as possible laboratory process, and on the other side, to minimize costs.


MAQSIMA LAB+ - rational and easy management of chemicals

Records for the specific data structures of the chemicals used in the laboratory, the delivery of the chemicals, the samples and use of the chemicals can easily be created in the measured values area of MAQSIMA LAB+. The use of barcodes allows for an easy implementation of the entire chemicals management.

Release workflows and an overview of the storage and relocation of chemicals and packages are additional features, which, together with the expiry date control – including automatic blocking of chemicals – ensure safety in the management of chemicals.


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