MAQSIMA LAB+ | The LIMS – makes chemical laboratories efficient and safe


The chemical industry is all about innovation and efficiency. The focus is increasingly on new methods, guidelines and instruments. LIMS is all the more important in chemical laboratories, as it helps to save time and resources, as extensive laboratory data are collected, analyzed and evaluated easily, quickly and uncomplicated.


MAQSIMA LAB+ - the modular, fully integrated LIMS for chemical laboratories

MAQSIMA LAB+ provides the complete functionality required for a LIMS for the processing of samples in compliance with national and international guidelines (GMP/GLP). The system can be fully integrated into the corporate culture and allows quick and convenient access to the relevant data in every area and every department. The fields of application are oriented on the analytical focus of a company.

MAQSIMA LAB+ accompanies the entire laboratory process. For example, if required, data can also be exchanged with other systems, for example ERP systems. Incoming goods and production orders automatically trigger the generation of samples to the desired extent. MAQSIMA LAB+ reports releases or blocks to the connected systems. MAQSIMA has developed its own standard, the EDI interface, specifically for the communication of devices and other applications with MAQSIMA LAB+.

The modular system of MAQSIMA LAB+ ensures an optimal configuration for all options.

From the overall diversity of the modules, the following modules are especially interesting for chemical analysis: