Formulation Management

MAQSIMA LAB+ | LIMS - Safe management of formulations and mixtures

Especially in R&D laboratories the number of formulations for chemicals and reagents is steadily increasing. With MAQSIMA LAB+ the relevant formulations can be developed and managed conveniently, but above all, also safely. Goods receipt and raw material storage is maintained in a separate area including the relevant status information.

Configured release workflows ensure the flexible handling of raw materials and formulations, depending on the regulatory requirements and protection requirements. This allows for the specification of different workflows for GMP or non-GMP formulations or for production and development.


MAQSIMA LAB+ - the fully integrated formula management

The creation and development of a formula can be clearly represented in MAQSIMA LAB+ with a tree structure. The manufacturing instructions and protocols are created and managed in the system. When producing a mixture, the recipe quantities can be scaled as desired and the weighed in items can be booked out of the warehouse. In turn, the mixtures can be booked into the warehouse again as components, and are available for further use.  INCI calculations for cosmetics formulas are possible.

As the formulation management is fully integrated in MAQSIMA LAB+, samples can be taken and batches created for the prepared mixtures and tested.