MAQSIMA LAB+ | The LIMS – a qualified and compliant basis for validation


With MAQSIMA LAB+, laboratories can meet their extensive documentation obligations by means of a central software. Through its ease of use, which is largely based on established Office applications, employees require little training to optimally make use of the comprehensive options of MAQSIMA LAB+.

Numerous features of MAQSIMA LAB+ ensure compliance with the regulatory provisions. LIMS has a detailed user administration and comprehensive rights management system with which access rights can be specified down to the last detail. Automatic logout after a predetermined period also increases security against tampering.

MAQSIMA LAB+ - the cost-effective way to achieve validation for customers' laboratories

All data and their history are recorded in an extensive audit trail. The audit trail is write-protected and allows for checking of exact assignments of objects, actions and persons. In addition, a data backup concept – for example data storage in a normalized data model – ensures highest data availability and the option of data migration.

MAQSIMA LAB+ as a qualified and compliant LIMS is the basis for a cost-efficient validation of laboratories for its customers. In addition, MAQSIMA also supports customers in these validation processes.

Thanks to the continuous development of MAQSIMA LAB+, future changes in laboratory processes and / or regulations are mapped in a regulated environment in the software. The modular structure provides the flexibility to continue working on the basis of MAQSIMA LAB+ in case of changes in the laboratory's alignment.