Corporate Social Responsibility

As a provider of highly efficient software solutions in the field of responsibility management and LIMS, MAQSIMA is well aware of its societal responsibility. Numerous measures are increasingly combined to form an independent corporate social responsibility strategy (CSR):

Support of employees

"Our employees are our greatest asset. This needs to be maintained and developed." Christoph Niewöhner


  • In recent years MAQSIMA implemented concrete safety and health measures.


  • MAQSIMA is a family-friendly company. In addition to active assistance in the support of children, we are working on a concept which allows employees to combine looking after families with their professional life.

Environmental protection

"The prudent use of resources available to us is a matter of course with regard to future generations." Christoph Niewöhner


  • As a software developer, MAQSIMA ensures that its computers and servers are energy-efficient and thus contributes to climate protection.


  • MAQSIMA has been part of the environmental campaign "Think before printing" for many years.

Social Commitment

"As a company we have a responsibility towards people." Christoph Niewöhner


  • The "Sucht- und Jugendhilfe e.V." (Addiction and Youth Health association) educates young people in schools about the dangers of different addictions. MAQSIMA supports the project financially and thus ensures the production of the "Sucht-Hilfe" magazine.